Agrochemtrade GmbH, is the exclusive distributor of CRUDE IODINE 99.5% MIN in Europe from our supplier Himiya Senagat”. Our aim is to provide you with a consistent supply of high-quality iodine sourced from the reputable manufacturer “Himiya Senagat” Economic Society, based in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.


In compliance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) regulations, Agrochemtrade GmbH has obtained the REACH Registration number: 01-2119485285-30-0022 for a tonnage band of 100 to 1000 metric tons per year for Iodine, CAS Number: 7553-56- 2, EC number: 231-442-4.
In addition to the mandatory certificates of analysis from our manufacturer, we can provide certificates of analysis from a European certified laboratory if required. All tests are performed following the European Pharmacopoeia.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or any inquiries regarding our high-quality crude iodine supply. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

Warehouse in Ebenfurth, Austria
We can supply up to 20 tons of iodine per month, maintaining a minimum quality standard of 99.5%. Each shipment will be securely packed in 50 kg net weight fiberlok drums, featuring an inner multi-layer structure with a PVDC barrier layer.
In our commitment to cater to the diverse needs of our clientele, we also offer the flexibility of providing smaller quantities from our warehouse situated in Austria.

Our iodine products are used for various
applications and areas, such as:

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    Food supplements
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    Feed additives
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    Fertilizer additives

Our specialization and know-how lie in the following areas:

Agricultural products

Trading in high-quality and sustainable agricultural products from Central Asia – in compliance with all EU directives

Agro-industrial complexes

Planning and construction of agro-industrial complexes for the production of poultry and meat products, animal feed, selection of GMO-free seeds, irrigation systems, etc.

Project development

We accompany the planning and implementation of agro-industrial projects in Europe.


Our technologies support a wide range of ESG-compliant projects in Europe and Central Asia

Irrigation systems

Aquaculture and related know-how in the construction of irrigation systems

In the field of aquaculture, we are your reliable partner
in the following areas:

For more than a decade, our team been operating a facility for the unique breeding of Artemia brine shrimp in the Garabogaz Bay (salt lake) – together with our lpartner company “HazarBalyk” in Turkmenistan and in line with European standards. We are supported by scientists and aquaristic specialists from the university of Ghent, Belgium, in order to meet the high standards of our customers in the European region.

Respecting the natural conditions and excellent microclimate of Garabogaz Bay, we successfully engage in the production of Artemia eggs (cysts), which are used as feed for various fish and other marine animals. We produce ready-to-sell products for aquaristics and fish farming.

It is important to us to promote and develop the Artemia population in its natural environment in Garabogaz Bay. We work with veterinarians from Europe who are among the best in aquaristics.

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Your Agrochem Team:

Agrochemtrade GmbH is managed by Ing Franz Heissenberger, who has decades of international know-how in the construction of factories, e.g. for food processing and packaging, in construction management and in automotive and railway engineering.


Agrochemtrade GmbH
Am Platz 5/4
1130 Vienna, Austria.
Kohlmarkt 8-10
1010 Vienna, Austria.
Warehouse: Warehouse in Ebenfurth, Gewerbezone 1, 2490 Ebenfurth, Austria.
FN 568184 s – Registered office and commercial court: Vienna
UID (VAT No): ATU77564609
Managing Director: Franz Heissenberger
Tel.: +43 664 5867801

Kohlmarkt 8-10
1010 Vienna, Austria